Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week #3 Balance to Flow Programming

Time and Space
(Part 1)

Life is a paradox and partnership. There is always the play between positive and negative energies. When these energies are able to link is where G-d is most evident. The infinite has created a system where if a person gives all his Heart, Soul and Mind, he can have a relationship with HER (G-D).

To perceive or feel the infinite is in itself a paradox. Something known (Man) to relate to the unknown (G-D). What is life's most important calling? It's the struggle to know the unknowable, "The Anguish of Shekhina."

The Way to know the unknowable is to Sanctify Time and Harmonize Space. What are your first thoughts in the morning? Gratitude for the most important gift: your Life! Anybody
that has made the conscious choice to live rather then die recognizes how important life really is! After thanking your higher power for the ability to flow through time and space the next step is to Sanctify Time, by spending time with her through prayer, meditation and study. WHAT (Mah) a wonderful way to develop a better relationship with your partner!

"For man, to pray is to don the garments of humility, whose only weapons are those waiting with outstretched arms in the void of the universe."
Andre Neher

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