Monday, May 22, 2017

Life-Skills Basketball Camp 2017

Summer is almost here !  Praise the Lord ! Project Uplift has partnered with Largo Middle School and will hold our 4th annual LS Basketball Camp starting June 19-22 and 26-29. The camp starts at 1:00 ends at 2:30pm  .   The age group is 6-8th grade and there is no cost !   Any Questions call Coach J @ 813-447-4887 or

Friday, May 5, 2017

3rd Annual LM Picnic !

End of year Picnic !  Healthy food and snacks along with plain old water was provided. It was hot so there was no complaining about the spring water instead pop !  It was for boys and girls volleyball and basketball teams from Largo Middle .  The boys basketball AAU program has started our first tournament is next weekend ! Will keep you posted !

Let the games continue !

Coach J

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Well we ended with 5-5 record this year !  Way better the our 0-10 season last year !  The boys played hard but most importantly they all improved or maintained their grades and were respectful to their teachers.   When they were not they were suspended for game !  This little spanking kept them in line. !

 AAU  (travel basketball team) has started and we have a set of new players !  I am excited to spend time with them !  Well,  let the games begin.

  We will be holding our yearly Basketball/Life Skills, (Camp Uplift )  in June at Largo Middle School again.   Our Annual Picnic will be later this month for the volleyball and basketball girls and boys teams at Largo Middle !

We plan to hold several fund raisers will keep you posted !!!

In One Voice

Coach J