Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week #4 Balance to Flow Programming

Time and Space
(Part 2)

In order the Sanctify Time you must commit to all three activities: Prayer, meditation and study. All three are forms of energy connected to the source. The best time is before dawn, 3-6am. Prayers can include: "The Shema," "Our Father," and of course prayers from the heart that are accompanied with tears.

Meditation helps at various levels. What it can accomplish is a connection from the conscious to the subconscious. This bridge is very important because it slowly releases repressions that have been planted since childhood and manifest as complexes at the conscious level. Complexes are self destructive behaviors. The repressed energy can be compared to a knot. And meditation unwinds the knot of energy and builds a bridge, so that it can safely travel to the conscious side of awareness. Consequently, one can step back and calmly say, "I have a choice, my impulses will not rule the day. I am strong enough now to let my higher self take control and not fall prey to the EGO."

Meditation is half of the equation to balance the psychic and to help move it up the ladder of consciousness. The other half is spiritual study. Both are equally important. They are essential in recognizing our shadow moving it out into the light.

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