Friday, July 17, 2015

Solar Now

Teco Energy is up for sale what does that mean .  It means a big fish will be swallowing a little fish.  What does that mean for us? Most likely rate hikes and poorer service.  Without competition government is no longer a representative republic it devolves into a ???

Vote for Solar Choice amendment ( for a more competitive Florida !

Show love and kindness,

Coach J

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LBC Camp

Well we have started our Leadership/Basketball Camp for middle school age children. It runs from 7/6 through  7/16.  Our numbers are low in comparison to previous years !   We graduated a lot of good players that were committed to our program.  We have to start over !!!  We made connect- ed call to all the students in the Largo Middle School district.  This should remind them of the camp and the numbers should increase dramatically.   I must admit the children that we are working with presently are a joy to work with !  Will keep you posted !!!

Coach J