Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week #1: Balance to Flow Programming

"Words are just words. They cannot tell you much, but they are a good place to start."

Buy a journal. Do this exercise first thing in the morning when you are completely alone:

Circle of 7
Get seven small pieces of paper. On each one write one of these seven words:
  • attitude
  • accountability
  • commitment
  • supportive relationship
  • service
  • personal mastery
  • faith.

Fold each piece of paper so that you cannot see what it says. Then put each one into a bowl, or hat. Shake it around, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and pick one!

When you open it, what are your first thoughts? Who does it pertain to? How do you feel? How can you improve in this area?

Write in your journal. Think of one thing write it down. When you are ready, follow through with the action!

For a week, pick one each day, but none on Saturday. On Saturday you contemplate your thoughts, actions or lack of action.

Remember its all good !!!

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