Saturday, July 18, 2009

Week #2 :Balance to Flow Programming

The Game of Now

"Don't worry be happy," what a great song. Be grateful for all the good(g-d) in your life. Why are you worried? The obstacles you face are exactly what you need to grow Spiritually, Physically, and Mentally. Now its your choice: wallow, worry, want, or come up with a action plan and work it. Know that if you have done your best all you can do Now is let go! You cannot control the future or the past. Do not let the EGO determine your Attitude.

The operative word is NOW. Stay in the present moment by focusing on what is going on Now. Right Now you are reading and learning, in a moment you might be looking at the clouds, or maybe spending quality time with a loved one. What ever you do from moment to moment, practice, The Game of Now. Now spelled backwards is WON. Do you want to win? Play Now all the time!

Mind, Body, and Soul: What have you done for all 3 today?


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