Saturday, December 7, 2013

Musings from a Middle School Basketball Coach

In the beginning of the year I had 5 possible Division One basketball players.   After the 3rd game I am down to 3 !  We have installed a week to week probation program.  The players must have a clear slate in order to play in the up coming week games.  The two players that are not part of the program anymore ; one has withdrawn form the school and the other chooses not to play.  The reason the one player has withdrawn from the school is that the teasing from other students was relentless.  Our schools are a direct reflection of our society.  The physical and verbal abuse is a daily occurrence !
As a Male African Decent Coach I am trying to show how to be strong and compassionate.  We are also trying,  by example,  to instill unselfishness .  We are in the process of breaking down the players psyche in order to rebuild a more evolved way of thinking.  A slow and arduous task . The hardest part is to make sure my EGO and motives are altruistic and not lower myself to the norm .  Which is putting some one down in order to boast  myself esteem.  Coach J

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