Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Final Cuts for Largo Middle Basketball

We had 40 middle school players trying out this year .  I must be getting old or developing more compassion,  it was really hard to bring the number down to 15 .  We lost a lot of talented players not sure we can get the same results as last year !  I know the boys are playing very hard and are open to learn the fundamentals.  It may be a good sign !!!  As usual we have had to suspend some of the players for grades and conduct.   They know they have to give their best on and off the court !!!   I was a little down because of the constant battle with these teenagers in the classroom.   My spirits have lifted and I think is because I am coaching basketball again !!!  I want to make a special thank you to Scott Whitely from Morgan and Morgan, for helping us big time,  by footing the cost for new uniforms that were lifted from our storage facility !!!

Will keep you posted on our season ! 

Let the games begin !!!

Coach J