Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Musing from a Middle School Basketball Coach

Well, it was a challenging year !  We ended up with a 5 win 5 loss record.   WE did better then last year !  We beat two teams that we have never beat before and we lost  3 games by less then 3 points.  The last game of the year we lost to the league champs by 3 in a double over time thriller !  Heartbreaking but positive as well !  The players played really hard and for the most part did the right things both on and off the court.   How do you measure success at this early age ?  I believe by improved individual skills,  team concept basketball IQ,  and mostly value oriented behavior.  For sure our players jumped up several levels that last two years.   We lose most of our players to high school however I have recruited several players that did not come out to participate in our summer basketball/math camp.   The great thing about Largo, Florida is there are athletes here so you just have woo them to play something other then football.   We have tasted some success I believe this will help our program land the players needed to keep the ball rolling.

Shalom ,

 Coach J