Monday, May 20, 2013

ABC Camp at Largo Middle

Starting in July, Project Uplift Tampa, Inc. (PUT) will be running the first ABC Camp at Largo Middle, a title one school in Largo Florida.

A stands for Academics, B stands for Basketball , and C for Character.  All three will be combined in a unique curriculum for at risk boys ages 11-13 attending Largo Middle .  Academics will emphasize Science, Math and Literacy.  The Basketball will be coached by John J. Johnson a former professional basketball player and college coach.  The character curriculum will be taught by all. 

The camp numbers will not exceed 25 students, so that we have a 5-to-1 teacher to student ratio.  2 hours of academics/character curriculum , lunch and two hours of basketball.   Most of the staff will be certified teachers that will be at the school year round. 

Thanks again to our sponsors , Chemed Corp.  Morgan and Morgan , and Amscott !!!