Thursday, August 9, 2012

Character Centered Coaches Clinics

 "Character Education is not another thing on your plate 
                     IT IS THE PLATE"
The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.  Intelligence plus character that is the goal of True Education.  MLKing Jr.-Nobel Prize Winner

Character is a life long endeavor and requires a developmental approach.  Three spheres are needed, cognitive, emotional, behavioral for character development.  Knowing the good, desiring the good and doing the good.  By first seeking to understand character development, coaches are better equipped to help student/athletes develop good character.  The percentages state that the athletic field or court is the best place to start while in the school environment !  Our clinic goal is to jump start the educational process for the coaches and to give them the tools needed to be successful.  Coaches are  the place to start because they have the ultimate carrot, "Playing Time".  With this carrot the student/athlete will be motivated to learn more about Character and how it can play a role in making the right choices.  At the end of the day we are the sum of our choices please give these young adults a fighting chance to make better ones !!!

We just completed our summer Pre-Stem At-risk Educational Camp !  To see some coverage look at Youtube; Projectuplift39

For more details call or email Coach J ; 813-447-4887 or


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Praise G-d in His sanctuary;
    praise Him in the sky, His stronghold.
Prasie Him for His mighty acts;
    praise Him for His exceeding greatness.
Praise Him with blasts of the horn;
    praise him with harp and lyre.
Praise Him with timbrel and dance;
    praise Him with Lute and pipe.
Praise Him with resounding cymbols;
    praise Him with loud-clashing cymbols.
Let all that breathes praise the Lord.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Baal Or Tov, the Master of the Good Light wrote :

To the open sea, to the open sea.
May G-d magnify my soul...
That it may never be enclosed in a prison,
Neither material nor spiritual.
My soul is like a ship,
under the expanse of the heavens.
The walls of my heart cannot contain it.
Nor can those which are made
Those of morality, of politeness
The soul surpasses all this and flies away...
It is above everything that one can name
Above all pleasure
Everything that is pleasant and beautiful
It transcends that which is exalted.
O my G-d, may your help come to me in my pain
Give me a tongue and an expression
Together I shall speak my truth and your own.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pre Stem Summer Science,Literacy and Math Camp

Project Uplift Tampa, Inc. will target and serve youth living in a high crime neighborhood of Pinnellas County. This neighborhood is known as North Greenwood (33755). The neighborhood Community Center is a nucleus of the neighborhood and a natural gathering place for adults and youth. Many community agencies provide services out of this site because of the accessibility(within walking distance to many of the homes). There are mostly African American families, youth from this group tend to be over represented in the juvenile justice system as well as at risk for failure in the school system. To get a quick peek of last years camp look on U-Tube , Projectuplift39

This is the 5th year of Pre-Stem Science,literacy and Math skill Camp. The Program will serve 75 youth ages 6-12. The youth will participate in academic tutoring and life skills programming three times a week for one-half hours per day.  Academic tutoring will be provided by endorsed science,reading and math teachers, adult and high school volunteers. Volunteers will be screened. Our Goal is to have a 5 to1 ratio.  Life Skills groups will focus on commitment to character, on cultural diversity, substance abuse, building a value system, self esteem and good decision making.

The program will see the following objectives (directly related to goals above);

95 % of program participants will not be involved in juvenile delinquent activities while in the program.

70% of programming participants receiving tutoring will either maintain their average GPA or will increase if it is below average in core academic courses while in the program

70% of program participants will either maintain or improve school attendance while in the program

90% of program participants will be able to identify adult role models and support persons.

Pre-Stem has expanded to 75 clients. Project Uplift is currently seeking funding to make it a year round program with teamsports, acting/ modeling programming to be added.