Monday, April 27, 2015

Solar Now

An  Article I saved , 6-11, 2014/ Tampa Bay Times,  Business , "Power at your disposal "  First, Randy Ross bought a Chevrolet Volt. Faced with the need to charge his car and eager to cut his utility bill, he installed solar panels on his Roof , Cali home. !! Cost: 1500 down and 15 month over a 10 year lease period !  Leadership is everything !!!

Now Ross 61, has taken the next big step toward energy independence: his own battery storage system that lets him tap solar every whenever he needs it !  Battery -based energy storage- for homes, businesses and the electric grid -is a hot new industry in Silicon Valley, driven by advances in battery chemistry and STATE policies designed to support the emerging technology !  JB Straubel , chief technology officer for Tesla Motors, "We have to get to a 100 percent renewable grid, and storage becomes absolute imperative to get there ."  The Volt is like a gateway drug to getting solar panels" When the next earthquake ( Hurricane ) even if (the utility company ) goes down the system will keep refrigerator, ac, television running .  This is a no brainer !

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